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Bellevue Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy, Labor, Post-partum Massage, Infant Massage, Birth Doula Services

Birth plan

Birth tub rentals

Birth Stories:

Pregnancy Information


Fertility Yoga:

Prenatal Yoga:


La Leche League 

Milk Share 

Milk Donation 

Cesarean & VBAC Information 

ICAN Seattle Chapter - 

Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) - 

Counceling, Traumatic Birth and PTSD

Heidi Koss -

The Birth Trauma Association

Solace for Mothers: Healing After Traumatic Childbirth

Postpartum Support International (PSI)

PATTCh: Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth

PTSD After Childbirth

Support Groups:

Infant Cranio-sacral Therapists ( Torticollis, breastfeeding issues, colic)

Bek Wiltbank, OT -

Kathleen Yow-Wells, LMP -

Sleep Specialists:

Pediatric Physical Therapy:


  • The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn by Penny Simkin
  • Active Birth by Janet Balaskas
  • The Birth Book by Dr William Sears and Martha Sears
  • The Pregnancy Book by Dr William Sears and Martha Sears
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
  • Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year by Susun S. Weed
  • The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer
  • The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger
  • The Labor Progress Handbook: Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia by Penny Simkin and Ruth Ancheta
  • Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin
  • Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper
  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 8th Edition by La Leche League
  • The Breastfeeding Woman’s Guide to Making More Milk by Diana West